Klemens Koehring

Height: 5’ 9’’ (1.74m) Weight: 12st. (76kg) Build: Athletic

Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Blue-Green Location: London, UK

Memberships: Equity Actors' Union, Spotlight

Bilingual German and English

Accents: Standard German, English RP, General American, European English, Austrian, French, Italian, Russian

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Feature Films
Interactive Movies
Video Games
Short Films
Music Videos
Feature Films
 2019Robert Reborn
HerzogAndrew Jones
North Bank Entertainment
 2018 Th' Dread Rattlin'
 Ranger John
 Al Carretta
 Nightpiece Media
2018Lords of ChaosGerman Newscaster Joachim Baumbach
Jonas ÅkerlundVice Films
2017Precious Little Things
Dr James Alford
Al Carretta
Nightpiece Media
 2016The Receptionist
Estate Agent
Jenny Lu
Uncanny Films
Chris Reading
Candr Pictures
 2015Brothers of War
Egon Faber
Mike Carter
MCN Productions
 2015The Man from U.N.C.L.E.Berlin Police Announcer (Voice/ADR) Dan Morgan (ADR)Warner Bros.
2014The Possessors
The Businessman
Peter Zappia
Jammed Films
The Monuments MenGerman Soldiers (Voice/ADR)Simon Chase (ADR)Rose Line Productions
 2013Molly Crows
Chief Pathologist Dr Wild
Ray Wilkes
Flashgun Films
2012The Devil Made Me Do ItDetective
Al Carretta
Nightpiece Media
2012Miracle Grow
Emma Kinni
Miracle Grow Pictures
2012From This Day
German Medical Officer
Rick Roberts
Fire in the Hole Productions
 2011Age of HeroesGerman Soldiers (Voice/ADR)Adrian VitoriaMatador Pictures
 2011War HorseGerman Soldiers (Voice/ADR)Constantine Gregory (ADR)DreamWorks
 2011HannaGerman-Speaking Characters (Voice/ADR)Becki Ponting (ADR)Phenomenon Pictures
 2010ShanghaiGerman Diplomats & Soldiers (Voice/ADR)Philip Alton (ADR)Golden Bat Productions
2006See It Through
Young Executed German
Rick Roberts
Fire in the Hole Productions
Interactive Movies
2020Dark Nights with Poe and Munro
John Pope aka "Poe" (Lead/Live-Action & Voiceovers)
(also Executive Producer)
Tim Cowles
D'Avekki Studios
 2018 The Shapeshifting Detective
 John Pope aka "Poe" (Live-Action & Voiceovers)
 Tim Cowles
 D'Avekki Studios
 2019Citizens: 800 Years in the Making - Nineteenth Century Politics / Protest in the Nineteenth Century / Archives Alive: Peterloo
Benjamin Disraeli / Richard Cobden / Major DyneleyDr Matthew SmithHistory Hub
2018Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War - Blitzkrieg in the East
Gottlob Bidermann (Episode Lead/Live-Action & Voiceovers) /
Junkers Rear Gunner (Voice) /
Luftwaffe Commander (Voice) /

Ashley Morris, Sid Bennett
Darlow Smithson Productions
2009-2020Mobil 1 The Grid Germany Seasons 1 to 12Commentary & Interviewees (Voice)
VariousVSI London
2015-2017Gillette World Sport Germany
Seasons 1 to 3
Commentary & Interviewees (Voice)
VariousVSI London
2015Raiders of the Lost Past / Myth Hunters - The Pirate Treasure of Cocos IslandAugust Gissler (Voice/Episode Lead)
Gerry PomeroyWorld Media Rights
2015Solar Impulse - Flight for the Future Advertorial Series (8 Episodes)Narrator (Voice)Darren EmersonEast City Films
 2015Evolution of Evil - Hitler: The Benchmark of Terror
Adolf Hitler (Episode Lead/Voice)
Gerry Pomeroy
World Media Rights
2014The Rise of the Nazi Party -
Episodes 2, 5, 7, 8, 9
Joseph Goebbels (Voice) (Episodes 2, 5, 8) / Heinrich Himmler (Voice) (Episode 7) / Henning von Tresckow (Voice) (Episode 8) / Friedrich Wilhelm Heinz (Voice) (Episode 5) / Adolf Eichmann (Voice) (Episode 7) / German Soldier (Voice) (Episode 7) / Radio Announcer (Voice) (Episode 9)Kim Hogg, Nick Davidson,
Chris Lethbridge, Matthew Hinchcliffe
World Media Rights
 2014D-Day in HDGerhard Winnecken (Voice)Sharon PetzoldLone Wolf Documentary Group
Only in Albuquerque Exhibit Film
(Albuquerque Museum of Art & History)
Hendrik (Voice)Amanda WallasRichard Lewis Media Group
 2014 Ethical Theory 1
 Immanuel Kant (Voice)
 Joe Jenkins
 Ethics Online
2014Das Zeitalter des Gehirns
(The Age of the Brain)
Male Interviewees (Voice)VariousVSI London
2012Raiders of the Lost Past / Myth Hunters -
The Real King Solomon's Mines
Karl Mauch (Voice/Episode Lead) /
Dr August Petermann (Voice) /
Captain Vicente Pegado (Voice)
Gerry PomeroyWorld Media Rights
2010-2011Gaiam Fitness DVDs German Versions: Trudie Styler's Warrior Yoga,
Trudie Styler's Cardio Dance Flow,
Trudie Styler's Core Strength Pilates,
5 Day Fit Yoga,
Shape: Best-Ever Hollywood Workout
Narrator (Voice)David CracklesForeign Voices
2007Nuclear Secrets - Superspy
German Sturmabteilung Officer
Chris Bould
BBC Television
2007The Relief of BelsenGerman Doctors & Soldiers (Voice/ADR)Justin HardyHardy & Sons
Video Games

Boïnihi: The K'i Codex

 Hero Astronaut (Voice/Lead) / Boïnihi (Voice)
Simon Mesnard
Simon Says: Play!
Control (German Version)
 Dylan Faden (Lead/Voice)
Severine Caillieret
Remedy Entertainment
2019Sniper Elite V2 RemasteredDr Schwaiger (Voice) /
German Soldiers (Voice)
Kasumi KitanoRebellion Developments
2017Sniper Elite 4Harry Hawker (Voice) / Andreas Kessler (Voice) / Viktor Habermann (Voice) / German Soldiers (Voice)
Kasumi KitanoRebellion Developments
2017Days of WarGerman Soldier (Voice)
Lee SnodgrassDriven Arts
2016TalesLoki (Voice) / Library Manager (Voice)
Mark J. LovegroveScreen 7
 2016CatyphGerminal (Voice/Lead)
Simon MesnardSimon Says: Play!
 2015Grey Goo (German Version)Monitor (Voice) / Soldier (Voice)
Klemens KoehringSide UK
 2014J.U.L.I.A.: Among the StarsMobot (Voice)
Jan KavanCBE Software
2014Sniper Elite 3Brauer (Voice) / Vahlen (Voice) /
German Soldiers (Voice)
Kasumi KitanoRebellion Developments
2014The Apotheosis ProjectBandit Leader (Voice)
Mark J. LovegroveScreen 7
 2013Wii Party U (German Version)Commentator (Voice)
Michael HulsmannSide UK
2013War Thunder (German Version)Flight Commander (Voice)
Hugh EdwardsHigh Score Productions
2012The Cat LadyDoctor X (Voice) / Eric Ashworth (Voice)
Mark J. LovegroveScreen 7
2012Sniper Elite V2Dr Schwaiger (Voice) /
German Soldiers (Voice)
Kasumi KitanoRebellion Developments
2011Captain America: Super Soldier
(German Version)
Commander (Voice) / Hydra (Voice) /
Storm Trooper (Voice) / Pest (Voice)
Hugh EdwardsHigh Score Productions
2010Iron Man 2 - Das Videospiel
(Wii/PSP Version)
Ghost (Voice) / Vasili (Voice)
Hugh EdwardsHigh Score Productions
2010Rhem 4: The Golden Fragments
(English & German Version)
Zetais (Voice)
Knut MuellerRunesoft
 2009Jambo! Safari (German Version)Narrator (Voice)
Hugh EdwardsHigh Score Productions
2009IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey
(German Version)
Lt Glenn Duncan (Voice)
Hugh EdwardsHigh Score Productions
 2008The Lost CrownRobert Karswell (Voice) /
Alex Reubans (Voice) /
Rhys Branwen (Voice)
Jonathan BoakesDarkling Room
2008Tobi Tapsig Electronic Toy
(German Version of Topsy Turtle)
Tobi Tapsig (Voice)
Clarence SmithHasbro
Clonk Rage (English & German Version) Narrator (Voice)
Matthes Bender RedWolf Design
 2008Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the TemplarsWissenschaftler (Voice)
Daniel ButterworthMindfactory
2008Zak McKracken: Between Time and SpaceKellner in Paris (Voice)
Thomas DibkeArtificial Hair Bros.
2007Ghost in the SheetGhost in the Sheet (Voice/Lead)
Jan KavanCBE Software
2007Glow (English & German Version)Stevie Speed (Voice) / Satan (Voice)
Sven GramatkeBlack Chronos
2007Rhem 3: The Secret Library
(English & German Version)
Zetais (Voice)
Knut MuellerGot Game Entertainment
2006Delaware St. John Volume 2
(German Version)
Josh (Voice)
Christoph PiaseckiContendo Media
2006Delaware St. John Volume 1
(German Version)
Brendan (Voice)
Christoph PiaseckiContendo Media
2006Sorades - Die BefreiungAdmiral Dotcher (Voice) / Narrator (Voice) / Units (Voice) / Announcements (Voice)
Sven GramatkeBlack Chronos
2005Hostradamus (English & German Version)Wizard (Voice) / Goblins (Voice) /
Miller (Voice) / Old Man (Voice) /
Brewer (Voice)
Ingo SlabyPurple Hills
Short Films
 2018Merry Christmas from Poe and MunroPoe (Lead)
Tim CowlesD'Avekki Studios
2017Dying Light
The German Pilot (Lead)
Luke Andrews
Focus Shift Films
TV Host
Isabelle Sieb
Yerman Films
 2014The RacketGerman Soldier (Voice)Joe JenkinsEthics Online
2013End of the Road
The Scientist
Satnam Purewal
Fargo Bay Productions
The Businessman
Omer Kula
Kula Works
2012Curious Soul
Reverend John Brodie-Innes
Pradeep Shahi
S.H.Y. Films
2012Ontologically Anxious Organism: Ep. 1-3 Narrator (Voice)Richard SquiresLMFYFF Productions
 2011Time (Travel) Mends a Broken HeartFrench-Accented Narrator (Voice)
Alex & Adam Boultwood Direlogue Studios
2007Sign LanguageOliver Squire (Lead)
Ben CampbellSilver Bell Films
2019Echoes of Dead Voices
Alfred Tennyson
Angela Ransley
Foyles Auditorium
 2018 The Freud Play
 Sigmund Freud (Lead)
 Neil Weatherall
 The Actors Centre
 2018 Hamlet in Session with Sigmund Freud
 Sigmund Freud (Lead)
 Benjamin Archer
 21st Century Bard Theatre
 2018 V for Victory
 Colonel Stolzmann
 Anthony Orme
 Stockwell Playhouse
Mozart's Die Entführung aus dem SerailPasha SelimRafael R VillalobosWest Green House Opera
 2017MacbethBanquoHarry DenfordThe London Theatre
2013Bobby's Recital Exhibition -
Opening Night Performance

Live Presenter
Bryony Gillard
Standpoint Gallery
2013Blackadder II
Sir Walter Raleigh / Prince Ludwig
Simon Kingsnorth
The Hexagon
2012Romeo and Juliet
Paris / Prince Escalus / Sampson
Bart Lee
The Windsor Globe
2012Introduction Jan Svankmajer Screening
Live Presenter
Richard Squires
British Film Institute
2012An Act of Faith
Wiliam Bradford (Lead)
Kirk Foster
The Market Theatre
2008Just Trust Me
Eckbert Engelbrechtsen
Mary Greco
Greenside Theatre (Edinburgh Fringe) / Tabard Theatre
Live Presenter
Richard Squires
Royal Academy of Arts
Bharata / Voices
Kavitha Krishnan
The Republic Cultural Centre Theatre
2007A Family Affair
Mary Greco
Battersea Arts Centre
2007The Loser
Sports Commentator Bob
Anthea Neagle
Battersea Arts Centre
Siward / Doctor / Porter / Sergeant
Neil McCurley
The Hexagon
 2019 Amazon Echo & Alexa
German TV & Online Spots
Young Man (Voice) / Tagline (Voice)
 Hannah Kessler
Joint London
2018-2019Cartoon Network 'Wonder Park' / 'Smallfoot' / 'Teen Titans Go to the Movies' German TV SpotsNarrator (Voice)Philippa WoodwardPPC
 2018 SelectSpecs German TV Spot
 Optician (Lead)
 Carlton Walls
 Wagon Films
 2018Kikkoman German Online SpotTagline (Voice)
Various Kikkoman
2012-2018Dell German Online SpotsNarrator (Voice)
2010-2018Duracell Ultra Power German TV & Online SpotsNarrator (Voice)
 VariousProcter & Gamble
2017Captain Morgan 'Margarita' & 'Rose' German Online SpotsCaptain Morgan (Voice)Sarah CorfieldAnomaly
2017Volvic 'Finde deinen Vulkan' Online SpotNarrator (Voice)
2017FeWo-direkt 'Beauty and the Beast Online & Cinema SpotNarrator (Voice)
Lisa MasonSaatchi & Saatchi
2015-2016Skechers German TV & Online SpotsNarrator (Voice)
Jack BlakeHogarth
2015Heimarbeit Online Spot
Politician (Lead)
Matthew Roberts
MVF Global
2015FedEx 'Local Passion Global Ambition' German Online SpotTagline (Voice)
Fernando TiberiniFedEx
2015CMC Markets German TV SpotNarrator (Voice)
Amber LarderTeamspirit
2015Speedo German Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition Online SpotNarrator (Voice)
VariousThe Voiceover Gallery
2015Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce German Online SpotOscar the Oyster (Voice)Aletta LawsonVSI London
2014Google Glass - Race Yourself App
Nerdy Runner
Jack Pirie
Sudden Black
 2014eBay 'Marie' German Online SpotsMale VoiceMattia ReinigerBeast Collective
2011-2014PokerStars German TV SpotsNarrator (Voice)
Ben Exley, Sarah MarconPokerStars
2013Nestle Aero Bubblehoppers
City Businessman
Sune Maroni
Epoch Films
2013Beats Electronics 'Meet the Pills' German TV SpotsNarrator (Voice)VariousBeats Electronics
2013Rosetta Stone 'Disruption' German TV SpotThe Interviewer (Dubbing)VariousRosetta Stone
 2013Kopparberg: It Started with a Pear
Isaac Newton (Lead)
Moritz Riewoldt
Jonas Zimmermann
2011Preise-Goldankauf.de TV SpotPresenter (Dubbing)Nadia Matthews Space City Productions
2010Perfect Pushup German Online SpotsNarrator (Voice)
VariousVSI London
 2008Burger King Angus 6 Pack
Football Fan
Tim Kirkby
Dab Hand Media
 Cartoon Network German Ben 10 Omnitrix Trailer
 Narrator (Voice)
 Simon Harris
 Offset Audio
 2019Travian: Legends - Schlacht im Teutoburger Wald
Narrator/Arminius (Voice)
Klemens Koehring
Travian Games
2017LEGO Worlds Nintendo Switch
(German Version)
Narrator (Voice)
 Simon DevineBanana Split Productions
 2014Total War: Rome II - Wrath of Sparta (German Version)Corinthian Ambassador (Voice)
Naomi DandridgeThe Creative Assembly
 2014Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition (German Version)Octavian (Voice)
Roz WilsonThe Creative Assembly
 2014How to Train Your Dragon 2: The Video Game (German Version)
Narrator (Voice)
Olivier Deslandes Side UK
2013LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
(German Version)

The Human Torch (Voice)
Samuel FaulknerBanana Split Productions
 2013Total War: Rome II (German Version)Roman Governor Varus (Voice) Naomi Dandridge
The Creative Assembly
2013NBA 2K14 Features (German Version) Narrator (Voice)
Richard TidsallPremier Communications
Disney Universe - The Nightmare Before Christmas DLC (German Version)
Narrator (Voice)
Tobias Fischer
Foreign Voices
 2011 Cars 2: The Video Game (German Version)
Narrator (Voice)
Tobias FischerForeign Voices
Cartoon Network / Boomerang German TV & Online Spots
Narrator (Voice)
Simon Harris, Claire Bilyard
Offset Audio
Disney Channel German TV Spots
Narrator (Voice)
Claire Bilyard
Offset Audio
2013-2018Nickelodeon / MTV German TV Spots
Narrator (Voice)
 2013Valentine's ViralBoyfriendMark WilsonPhink TV
2009-2013ESPN Classic German TV SpotsNarrator (Voice)
Courtney GwenESPN
2012Cadbury - Olympic Live SitesWorker 1Thomas OrmondeFallon Films
2009-2011National Geographic Channel TV Spots
Narrator (Voice)
Lucy Patrick Ward,
Zoe Sharpe

National Geographic Channel
 2018 DDI Leadership Training/Simulation Videos
 Jan Janine Murmann
 Chocolate Films
2017Marshall ACM - Unconscious Bias and Management VideosChrisTom HickmoreNice Media
2017Microlearnings for Trainers and Teachers in VET Systems (German)PresenterAmela BogdanovicNeuKurs
Grow (English & German)
RickySamuel Chapman
LEO Learning
2015HP Instant Ink (German Version)Art DirectorRichard CritchlowDependable Productions
2013Wembley UEFA Champions League
Final 2013
London Sentry GuardJasmin KiddyPrivate Drama
2013Developing NCGs for SuccessFrankSara RoweReact
2013Deb Group Germany GrittyFOAM PresenterAlex PinkMy Web Presenters
2012EXPO 2017 Astana Promotional FilmConcerned FatherJanna VladimiroffAstana EXPO
2012HP Officejet German Retail VideoPresenterAndrew GrayshonFlixmedia
2012Communications Roadshows
(Germany & Austria)
Quiz Host / Factory Manager /
Office Employees
Lucy DaviesBrand Biology
2012Westminster Tourists - Stock VideosBusinessman on Holiday / LondonerMartin SchuhiStockphoto
2011-2012Providing Financial Advice VideosTristan GeigerCosta LouvierisLaser Learning
Music Videos
2014Babyfoot Romance (Lane 8 / The One)
Remy Bazerque
2013Secret Friend / Killing Time
Security Guard
Stephen Smith
2012Natty / Around Here
TV Reporter
Nuakai Aru
BlackNine Films
2012ESO / We Are Watching You
The Rebel (Lead)
Samuel Smith
2012Mr Disfit / She's Gone
The Smoking Businessman
Matt Cusworth,
Arron Sheekey

Frogg & Peach Productions
2009Tommy Ludgate / So Cruel
The Businessman
Mike Osaer
Essential Media
2007Get Well Soon / If This Hat Is Missing...
The Villain (Lead)
Simon Laight
Simon Laight
2014Dentistry - Online Educational Content
James Bannister
Healthcare Learning: Smile-On
2013BFI Cinema (Getty Images)
Man in Cinema
Jason Hetherington
Brand New Images
2012Office Escapism (Getty Images)
Nick Dolding
Dolding Productions
 2012Tech Obsessed (Getty Images)
Man Using Technology
Nerys Jones
Brand New Images

Audio Dramas: Mendelssohn: A Midsummer Night's Dream (Naxos, German Version, roles: Demetrius / Quince/ Mustardseed, released 2010)

Audio Guides: Guinness Storehouse German (Antenna Audio, roles: narrator and male characters, 2013-2016), St. Paul's Cathedral German Multimedia Tour (Antenna Audio, roles: male interviewees, 2010), Seawings Dubai German (narrator, 2010-2013), Culloden Battlefield Visitor Centre German (narrator, 2010), Juan Munoz Exhibition German (additional voice, 2009), The Uncle Hans-Peter Party (art event at Institute of Contemporary Arts, LMFYFF Productions, narrator, 2009)

Audiobooks: The Other Door by Tim Jeffreys (narrator of 'The Toymaker's Ruin' and 'The Japanese-Speaking Man with Three Heads', 2009), I Retched Hard and the Man Spewed Forth and Crawled Away by Tim Jeffreys (narrator of 'The Sleeper', 'Fox Baby, Crow Baby', 'The Man in Black', 'The Kiss of Death', 2009), The Half Dream by Tim Jeffreys(narrator of 'Lovers of Carrion', 'Today She Walked Back In', 'The King of Shadows', 2007)

Audio CD: The Dirty Eyes on the Crust (LMFYFF Productions, narrator, 2009)

Music Album: Grey Sky Symphony - Cloud Factory (voiced "Philosopher" on tracks Clockwork & Cotton Candy Clouds, released 2012)

Radio Spots: Google YouTube Music (German, 2019), Spotify Germany (various spots 2012-2016), TomTom HD Traffic (German, 2010), Esso (German, 2010), Emirates - Dubai Shopping Festival (English, 2010)

Educational Voiceovers (English & German Language Teaching): Oxford University Press: Oxford English for Academic Purposes / Trinity / General English Navigate / International Express (2012-2015), Cambridge Assessment: OCR Asset Languages German / GCE & GCSE German / A-Levels German (2011-2017), Pearson: Stimmt - GCSE German (2014-2017), OUP A Level (Footstep Productions, 2017), Oxford University Press: Zeitgeist (2008), Nelson Thornes: German GCSE (2009)

Voice Directing: Video Games: Enlisted (2017-2019), Grey Goo (2015), GRID Autosport (2014), Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai (2012), Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (2011), Captain America: Super Soldier (2011) / TV Commercials:Skechers GO Walk (2013), Skechers GO Run 2 (2013), Skechers Bella Ballerina (2011-2013), Lee Kum Kee Oyster Sauce Quality Campaign (2015) / Radio Commercials: Avis App (2019) / Corporate Productions: Etihad Airways (2013), Castrol (2016), AstraZeneca (2013), TK Maxx (2009)


Performance: Voiceover, Presenting, Teleprompter, Green Screen, Public Speaking, Improvisation, Outdoor Performance, Corporate Roleplay, Performance Capture/Motion Capture/Facial Capture

Athletic Skills: Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Ba Kua, Xing Yi), Yoga, Weight Training, Football, Tennis, Basketball, Table Tennis

Languages:German (native standard), English (native standard), French (intermediate), Italian (intermediate), Mandarin Chinese (elementary)



Klemens spent his formative years in such diverse places as his native Germany, North America, Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom, where he has been based for the majority of the past 17 years. After graduating from the University of Bedfordshire (with a BA Honours First Class in Media Performance), he went on to train in the Michael Chekhov Technique with Graham Dixon and Sarah Kane (at the Michael Chekhov Studio) and obtained a Diploma in Voice-Overs from the London Academy of Media, Film & TV. He undertook further training in acting and voice with the renowned coaches Dave Fennoy, Dian Perry, Yvonne Morley, Terence Crawford, and Stephane Cornicard. In addition, he received presenter coaching from Brian Naylor (at the TV Training Academy at Pinewood Studios), accent tuition with Sarah Shepherd, intensive training in performance capture and motion capture with The Mocap Academy and the Mocap Vaults, and he has been practising movement techniques with London's Rose Li School of Martial Arts for 4 years.


Impromptu Character Workshop with Stephane Cornicard (London, 2018), Michael Chekhov Technique10 Week Course 'The Deepening' at Michael Chekhov Studio (London, 2008), Meisner Technique with Dean Lundquist (Singapore, 2007), Acting Study Abroad Semester at Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore, 2007), BA (Hons) Media Performance (First Class) at University of Bedfordshire (2003-2006).


Private Singing Tuition with Ciara Haidar (London, 2018), Character Development for Video Games Workshop with Dave Fennoy (London, 2017), Character Development for Animation Workshop with Dian Perry (London, 2017), Vocal Extreme Workshop with Yvonne Morley (London, 2017), Vocal Intensive Workshop with Yvonne Morley (London, 2016), RP Accent Private Tuition with Sarah Shepherd (London, 2012), Diploma in Voice-Overs at London Academy of Media, Film & TV (2007).


Chinese Internal Martial Arts (Tai Chi, Ba Kua, Xing Yi) Private Tuition at Rose Li School of Martial Arts (London, 2016-2020).

Performance Capture/Motion Capture:

Intensive Performance Capture Workshop with The Mocap Academy (London, 2017), Motion Capture Character Creation Masterclass with The Mocap Vaults (London, 2017), Motion Capture Summit Attendee with The Mocap Vaults (Shepperton Studios, 2017), Intro to Mocap Acting Masterclass with The Mocap Vaults (London, 2016).


Public Speaking / Stand-Up Comedy at The London Comedy Course (2017), TV Presenting at Pinewood Studios TV Training Academy (2011).