Klemens Koehring

Screen Presenting Work

English/German Presenter Reel

Progress TV - Moonbase

Progress TV - Cutty Sark

Microlearnings for Teachers & Trainers (German)

Deb Group - German Website Video 1

Progress TV - Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Progress TV - Memory Techniques

 SelectSpecs German TV Commercial

Deb Group - German Website Video 2


Live Presenting Work

Bobby's Recital Exhibition Opening Night

Standpoint Gallery London, 7th March 2013
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This is the narration Klemens provided for the exhibition's duration (8th March 2013 to 6th April 2013):

Jan Svankmajer Short Film Screening Introduction
BFI Southbank
, 29th May 2012

Klemens performed the narration "in character" as one of artist-animator Let Me Feel Your Finger First 's popular characters Uncle Hans-Peter

BFI Press Release featuring information about the event


Royal Academy of Arts London
, 20th December 2008
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