Klemens Koehring

Press Reviews & Testimonials

"A wonderful performance, we couldn't have picked a better actor for the role!"

"A gem of an actor."

Luke Andrews (film director, 'Dying Light')

"I really enjoyed making this film which has a great central performance from Klemens Koehring."
Ben Campbell (film director, 'Sign Language')

"(...) while Elizabeth Cragg as Blonde, Nicholas Sharratt as Pedrillo, Barnaby Rea as Osmin and Klemens Koehring as the Pasha all play their parts to great effect."

musicOMH Magazine

Review of 'Die Entführung aus dem Serail'

"It certainly added a jolting charge to the dynamics between Constanze, Belmonte and Selim, a young man of both sensitivity and sensitivities in Klemens Koehring's performance: by the end he was a broken figure. Koehring is a bilingual actor, but he was not alone in delivering the German dialogue with pace and meaning. It constituted a motive force in a show that provided ample and invigorating reward for the risks that it took."

Opera Magazine (October 2017 Issue, page 1344)

Review of 'Die Entführung aus dem Serail'

"Working with Klemens on my corporate video project has been a great pleasure for me. It was easy and straight forward to work with him due to being very prepared for and interested in his role. He displayed professionalism on set and showed interest in the background of my project. Klemens had a positive and can do attitude which impacted not only his fellow actors in a good way but also made the shooting comfortable for the rest of the production team. I personally think, he got a lot of presence, a great voice and was the perfect fit for this role. Thank you, Klemens!"

Janine Murmann (European Marketing Assistant, DDI)

"Of course, it’s a challenge producing a musical with a Nazi twist, the opportunity for offence is so great as to be viewed from afar. Swastikas were completely absent from the set and costume, which made the evening a little more palatable and yet the brutality of the Nazi regime was captured perfectly in Klemens Koehring as Colonel Stolzmann, high command of the Germany army in Jersey."

West End Wilma Magazine

Review of 'V for Victory'

"Massive thanks goes to the genius James Heatlie and Klemens Koehring for their hard work, commitment and acting skills."

Stephen Smith

(video director, 'Secret Friend - Killing Time' Music Video)

"Nice work Klemens, thanks for doing a great job."

Robert Wilkinson of RED Talent Management

(casting director, 'Microlearnings for Teachers & Trainers')

"Our trio of main voice actors – Jennifer Helia (J.U.L.I.A.), Lucy Fillery Murphy (Rachel Manners) and Klemens Koehring (Mobot) – did a great job as well. I see how much they added to the game."

Jan Kavan (lead designer, 'J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars', link)

"What hooked me almost instantly was the voiceover talent of Klemens Koehring."

"He voices the part of the ghost with just the right style of slightly nasal nonchalance."

"Excellent voice work by the main character."

GameBoomers Magazine

Review of 'Ghost in the Sheet'

"The character of Ghost is portrayed by Klemens Koehring. For me, he was the perfect choice."

"His distinctive accent and deadpan delivery greatly enhance the proceedings."

Just Adventure Magazine

Review of 'Ghost in the Sheet'

"Klemens Koehring was the great actor behind the Ghost's sarcastic voice. It was a spot on for us!"
Jan Kavan (lead designer, 'Ghost in the Sheet', link)

"Finally, voice-acting is beautiful in general, though it is the hero's performance that stands out by far. The tone of his voice is well-tuned for this part, but also Klemens Koehring's performance is flooded with the appropriate emotions to each scene, giving life to the game."

Gamers Universe Magazine

Review of 'Ghost in the Sheet'

"Całkiem przyjazny jest też głos głównego bohatera - aktor Klemens Koehring ma ciekawy głos, jeszcze dodano pogłos, dzięki czemu skutecznie podkreślono nierzeczywistość całego obrazu."

("The voice of the main character is also quite friendly - actor Klemens Koehring has an interesting voice, yet an echo is added so that the feeling of complete otherworldliness is effectively highlighted.")

Adventure Zone Magazine

Review of 'Ghost in the Sheet' (Polish)

"The voices are enjoyable to listen to. JULIA, Mobot (a robot which helps you out in all kinds of ways) and Rachel are the three characters you’ll hear the most and the voice actors suit the respective personage perfectly."


Review of 'J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars'

"Trotzdem gibt es viel und gute englische Sprachausgabe. Gerade manch lustige Bemerkung von Mobot bringt Humor in das anderweitig doch recht morbide Spiel."

("There is good English voice acting. In particular, Mobot's funny remarks add humour to the otherwise fairly morbid game.")

Adventure Treff Magazine

Review of 'J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars' (German)

"Klemens is a versatile and talented actor. He played two very different roles in my production of Blackadder II and produced excellent performances plus he has fantastic professionalism."

Simon Kingsnorth (director, 'Blackadder II')

"Klemens was a pleasure to work with. He was punctual, very patient and well-prepared for the shoot. He was very easy to direct and his performance was top-notch. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation."
Sunil Goswami (film director, G7 Productions)

"I directed Klemens in a voice-acting session. And he was brilliant to work with. A talented voice-actor who is easy to work with, cooperative and good in taking directions. Looking forward to working with him again."

Nina Aimer Fox (voice director)

"Klemens has completed countless jobs for us while satisfying both our clients, and ourselves. He is always punctual and willing to help with any issues that occur with scripts or content. He is very professional in his approach to each job and is one of our most frequent German voice artists."

Thomas Dewis (Studio Project Lead & Sound Engineer at SDL Studio)

"Klemens is an intelligent, accurate, articulate and supremely professional voice actor of the highest order. His flexible attitude and creative approach to his work make it very easy for me to consistently get the highest quality results. His preparation is second to none and he understands and complies with even the most detailed and demanding direction with an innate ability to see the issues 'behind the script' that can so often arise particularly in a localisation environment. More importantly, he's a really nice guy that makes any session and project enjoyable and stress-free, improving the intended output every time. In short, he's a real talent that's an asset to any

project and a pleasure to work with."

Danny de Matos (audio producer)

"I was asked by a client of mine to provide a native German speaking voice artist for a video project. I found Klemens and the client's requirements were easily achieved, on time, within budget and with perfect results. I recommend Klemens for any voiceover work."

Kevin Powis (Last Independent)

"Great experience working with Klemens."

Andrew Sheneman (The C2 Group)

"Catyph is the sequel to ASA: A Space Adventure. Navigation is smoother and the voice-overs are more engaging, particularly those of Germinal and Lantier."

Adventure Gamers Magazine

Review of 'Catyph'

"Your voice for Germinal was just ideal for this mysterious man."

Simon Mesnard (lead designer, 'Catyph')

"The Cat Lady's voice acting is first-rate. (...) I happily encountered the voice of Klemens Koehring, my old pal from Ghost in the Sheet."

Just Adventure Magazine

Review of 'The Cat Lady'

"Neben dem Soundtrack ist die Synchronisation eine weitere große Stärke von The Cat Lady. Jeder Charakter im Spiel wurde tadellos vertont. Ob nun Susan, Mitzi oder gar die Gegner: Jeder Person nimmt man ihre Rolle ab. Wie bei einem Film hört man den Charakteren mit Freude minutenlang bei ihren Gesprächen zu und fiebert mit ihnen mit."

("In addition to the soundtrack, the voice acting is another big plus of The Cat Lady. Every character in the game was voiced impeccably. Whether it is Susan, Mitzi or the villains, every character is believable in their respective role. Just as in a movie, you enjoy listening to the characters during their conversations and you root for them.")

GameStar Magazine

Review of 'The Cat Lady' (German)

"Cooperation with Klemens is a bliss. He jumped right into the role we asked for."

Kacper Szymczak (CreativeForge Games)

"Really easy to work with - fast turnaround and very receptive to feedback!"

Andrew Baron (Spiceworks)

"As usual the narration is excellent and the recording is highly professional. Tim Jeffreys' regular storytellers Mia Jaye and Josh Cass are both there and new boy Klemens Koehring adds an appropriate Teutonic tone to this collection."

The English Assassin Blogzine

Review of 'The Other Door'

"Josh Cass and Klemens Koehring were both keen to record some more stories with me, and Mia Jaye was always willing to get back in the sound booth so I decided to record some of the new stories in early 2009."

"All three of these actors are absolute pros, and gave 110% to the sessions."
Tim Jeffreys (author)

"Interessant sind im Folgenden aber die Melodramen und Dialoge, die von besonderer Qualität sind. (...) Das oftmals bunte, schnelle und doch erhabene Miteinander von Orchester und Sprecher lässt die Welt Shakespeares entstehen."

("Interesting melodramas and dialogues ensue and they are of excellent quality. (...) The frequently colourful, fast-paced and yet sublime blend of orchestra and voice actors conjures up the world of Shakespeare.")


Review of 'Mendelssohn: Ein Sommernachtstraum' (German)