Klemens Koehring
Photographer: Claire Newman-Williams
Photographer: Claire Newman-Williams
Photographer: Claire Newman-Williams
Photographer: Claire Newman-Williams

Klemens Koehring is an award-winning and multi-award nominated German-British screen, stage and voice actor. Based in London and fully bilingual in German and English, he has 14 years of professional experience across a wide range of genres.

He is best known for the screen and voice role of radio host Poe in D'Avekki Studios' interactive movies / full-motion video games The Shapeshifting Detective (2018) and Dark Nights with Poe and Munro (2020).

Poe in Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

(available for PC & Mac on Steam)

Dark Nights with Poe and Munro - Official Trailer

Gameplay Walkthrough Video (spoilers ahead!)

(the game is interactive, choice-based and multi-branching, hence this is just one example of many possible playthrough experiences)

International press reviews for Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

"Leah Cunard and Klemens Koehring deliver this performance in an entertaining and believable way that easily draws in and keeps the player’s attention. Not without intrigue and perhaps dark secrets of their own, Poe and Munro are an endearing duo and a wonderful pair of protagonists brought to life with some great acting. They perfectly complement each other through the adventures the game has to offer."

Zero Limit (gaming website)


"Koehring plays Poe as an enthusiastic, charismatic artist, while Cunard’s Munro is a sweeter optimist [...] and their enthusiasm for the project really strengthens their performances. The chemistry between them is a delight to see on-screen..."

NewGame+ (gaming reviews website)


"... I like Poe’s acting. He really gives it some flair. Almost reminds me of Boris Karloff. He also seems like he’s seen a thing or two in his life."

GIN - Game Industry News (daily gaming news magazine)


"You get six very replayable chapters featuring John ‘Poe’ Pope (Klemens Koehring) and Ellis Munro (Leah Cunard), both superbly possessing their roles, coming off a bit like this decade’s Mulder and Scully..."

DAF - Destroy All Fanboys (gaming reviews website)


"The biggest highlight of Dark Nights with Poe and Munro is without a doubt, the actors. Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard as the titular Poe and Munro absolutely make this game. They have some of the best on-screen chemistry I’ve ever seen, especially in a video game."

GameLuster (gaming news and reviews website)


"Poe and Munro bounce off each other like magnetised super balls. Their back and forths, a product of some excellent writing and top quality performances from Leah Cunard and Klemens Koehring, are a highlight of the game..."

fingerguns.net (entertainment website)


"Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard (Poe and Munro) return as the perfect companions, the banter they have with one another and the way they interact creates a believable ‘relationship’ and two very likeable characters."

GamePitt (gaming reviews website)


"Then there’s Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard as Poe and Munro respectively who really knock it out of the park from start to finish."

GameSpew (gaming news and reviews website)


"It arguably pulls off the whole 'interactive TV' angle better than anything on Netflix, inching things far closer to a full merger between gaming and TV."

"...the main characters (played deliciously by Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard)..."

TechRaptor (gaming news and reviews website)


"... credit should also go to Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard for the marvelous job they do with their characters. Every scene with the two of them is a delight to watch as they really pull out all stops when it comes to their characters."

GAMERamble (gaming reviews website)


"The chemistry between Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard, who play Poe and Munro, is electric and really carries the game."

Handsome Phantom (gaming website)


"A lot of the game’s weight rests on the shoulders of leads Klemens Koehring and Leah Cunard (Poe and Munro, respectively), but they carry it well. There’s a natural chemistry between the duo, some delicious melodrama, and a lot of sassy-but-flirty back-and-forths. They’re eminently believable as a pair of colleagues and secret lovers..."

PC Invasion (gaming website)


Poe in The Shapeshifting Detective

Klemens was nominated for Best Male Gaming Performance at the One Voice Awards 2019 and was also nominated for Best Character Performance at the VOX Awards 2019.

Clips from the in-game live-action scenes featuring Poe

Clips from Poe's in-game radio news broadcasts

Klemens' vast experience in video games also includes numerous voice roles in the UK-chart-topping, BAFTA-nominated Sniper Elite video game series.

Sniper Elite 4 (role: Harry Hawker)

Sniper Elite 3 (role: Franz Vahlen)

His extensive work in the historical docudrama genre includes the roles of Benjamin Disraeli, Richard Cobden and Major Dyneley in four episodes of the History Hub - Citizens: 800 Years in the Making series of educational online films and the episode lead role of Gottlob Bidermann in Darlow Smithson Productions' TV series Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War (for which he won in the Best Male Television Documentary Performance category at the One Voice Awards 2019).

History Hub - Citizens: 800 Years in the Making (role: Benjamin Disraeli)

Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War (role: Gottlob Bidermann)

Klemens has also acted in numerous feature films, such as Lords of Chaos (which was released cinematically in the US and the UK in 2019) and Robert Reborn (which is the fifth instalment in the iconic Robert The Doll film series and topped the HMV DVD Premiere Chart).

Lords of Chaos (role: Joachim Baumbach)

Robert Reborn (role: Herzog)

His stage roles have included such diverse characters as Paris in Romeo and Juliet at The Windsor Globe, Banquo in Macbeth at The London Theatre, Alfred Tennyson in Echoes of Dead Voices at Foyles Auditorium, and Pasha Selim in the Mozart opera Die Entführung aus dem Serail at West Green House Opera.

He has also voiced a wide range of TV and online advertising campaigns for such major brands as Duracell, Skechers and Disney. Moreover, he is one of the regular station voices of Cartoon Network Germany.

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