Klemens Koehring

Klemens Koehring is a London-based, bilingual (German/English) actor for screen, stage and voice work with 12 years of professional experience.

Latest Work:

Klemens is playing the lead role (live-action and voice) of John Pope (aka "Poe") in the upcoming, highly-anticipated FMV game The Shapeshifting Detective, developed by D'Avekki Studios. The game is a Gothic thriller adventure game and will be published by Wales Interactive in the autumn of 2018. John Pope is a creepy antiques collector and the co-host of Radio August's Poe and Munro, a radio homage to Edgar Allan Poe. Below are the game's official teaser trailer, a behind-the-scenes video with Klemens, a sound clip from the game with "Poe" hosting the Radio August "News at 10pm" and some screenshots of Klemens as "Poe" from the game.


In his third collaboration with prolific filmmaker Al Carretta, Klemens is currently filming the role of Ranger John in Carretta's upcoming horror feature film Th' Dread Rattlin', which will premiere at Symposium Hall Edinburgh as part of Nightpiece Film Festival at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Klemens can currently be seen on British television in National Geographic's docudrama series Nazi Megastructures: Russia's War in the role of Gottlob Bidermann (one of the main characters) in the episode Blitzkrieg in the East. In addition to playing the character on screen, Klemens also narrated Gottlob's extensive diary voiceovers and he voiced the roles of "Junkers Rear Gunner" and "Luftwaffe Commander" in the episode, too.

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Klemens recently played the lead role of Sigmund Freud in 21st Century Bard Theatre Company's dark comedy Hamlet in Session with Sigmund Freud.


Airing on TV in Germany from May 2018 - the new SelectSpecs Commercial with Klemens as Presenter/Optician

The video game Sniper Elite 4, in which Klemens voiced British (SOE Agent Harry Hawker) and German characters (Andreas Kessler, Viktor Habermann and others), was nominated for a 2018 BAFTA Games Award in the "Best British Game" category.


"Captain Harry Hawker"


"Professor Andreas Kessler"

"Propaganda Minister Viktor Habermann"